Custom LASIK surgery

Custom LASIK is referred to a combination of tech.

As you know your eyes and vision are as unique to you as your fingerprints. And let us help you understand this concept a little bit. For instance if you have the same diagnosis with the same prescription than others, you will be probably corrected with the same glasses or contact lenses prescription. But vision is more complex than that, actually thanks to Wavefront Technology, Today surgeons are able to treat lower-order aberrations and higher-order aberrations.

Lower-order aberrations can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses and conventional surgery. These types of corrections can treat Hyperopia, Myopia and Astigmatism.

Higher-order aberrations which are unique to every eye can result in visual symptoms such as halos, starbursts and glare. These problems typically appear while the patient is driving at night. That is why wavefront technology considers both types of aberrations in order to deliver a custom treatment program to the Excimer Laser. Improving outcome with out glare, halos or starbursts.

This refractive eye surgery is the most expensive procedure, based on the high technology that is involved, and addition of the less risk and better outcome according to some surgeons.

In this video we can see the doctor using a femtosecond. This particular Laser, create a flap with a hinge on the cornea with out blade or mechanical device. The femtosecond laser work in a manner that with a laser pointing into the eye, create many micro bubbles, one next to the other in order to have a flap with out blade. Then the flap is flip in order to proceed with the Excimer Laser to correct the refractive errors, but previously the metruments were taking by a High resolution Topographer with wavefront technology, this topographer has direct communication with the Excimer machine in order to create the custom program treatment, base on the custom metruments.

In this case the doctor does not make any interpretation between the topographer and the Excimer machine, because both machines work as one.

Page updated January 05, 2010