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Why you should look for LASIK at GROUPON

As you know, LASIK surgery can be a very rewarding surgery, giving someone nearly perfect vision without having to use glasses or contact lenses. It is also fairly painless and quick, with virtually all patients going home shortly after surgery and being able to see well the very next day without any problems. However, the procedure is typically considered as a "cosmetic surgery" by most insurance companies. That means insurance companies often will not cover any of the expenses of this ambulatory procedure. What does it mean for most patients? It means; that people who want LASIK surgery have to pay the full price of the procedure out of their own pockets.

But with the economy still recovering, the surgery may seem to many people as a non-essential luxury. Well, under these circumstances is when Groupon can be a good assent to your savings, because technically speaking; If we use Groupon for LASIK procedures, we can significantly cut down the cost of the entire surgery, in fact, the rate of savings are characterized in most cases by being up to 50% off from the normal rates, so I would not underestimate these promotions. However, be aware that these discounts began to be questioned lately! But we will get there in a moment.

As we see more and more of these Groupon discount for LASIK, we see more concerns in the refractive surgery community that need to be study to determine whether is a good option or not for LASIK practitioners. In fact, if you are a LASIK service provider who is considering this channel to promote your service, I will strongly recommend; (pay attention to what some of your colleagues have to say about this particular service). Although, potential consumers seems to have another kind of concerns, most of them are oriented in the quality care delivered, specially because the prices sound too good to be true, so let's review some perspectives!

Groupon discount reviews for LASIK procedures

I have collected some data from other sources on the WEB in other to see what is the real perspective of these ongoing promotions, and it turned out; there are some sort of dissatisfactions from both perspectives (service providers), as we can see with the following comments:

Groupon Reviews for LASIK discount

LASIK Groupon

Consumers' Perspective

On the other side, we have the consumers (Potential Patients), who are looking into these Groupon discounts for LASIK procedures, because the savings are "significant". However, it is not the first time that I seen some complaints / dissatisfactions / disappointments on the WEB, in fact, some individuals have reported that some LASIK service providers have increased the rates of surgery before being promoted on Groupon, which ends up being the same price that was initially without discount.

My Personal Thoughts

So as we have seen, Groupon for LASIK surgery can be a little tricky for both beneficiaries (Patients and Practitioners). Consumers have access to more affordability and ophthalmologists have a potential advertisement channel to increase business. However, let me give you my personal advice! There is not such thing where everybody win, in fact, the only winner here is Groupon, which I am going to leave out of the debate for now, but when we talk about (Patients vs Practitioners), make sure you understand this simple concept! Where there is a winner there is always a loser, having said that, make sure you are in the right side of the deal before you commit to something and you are going to be just fine.

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