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Why you should look for LASIK at GROUPON

As you know, LASIK surgery can be a very rewarding surgery, giving someone nearly perfect vision without having to use glasses or contact lenses. It is also fairly painless and quick, with virtually all patients going home shortly after surgery and being able to see well the next day without any problems. However, the procedure is typically considered as a "cosmetic surgery" by most insurance companies. That means insurance companies often will not cover any of the expenses of this ambulatory procedure. What does that mean for most patients? It means that people who want LASIK surgery have to pay the full cost of the surgery out of their own pocket.

But with the economy still recovering, the procedure may seem to many people interested as a non-essential luxury, however, this is when Groupon can fit into the picture. The true is that by using Groupon for LASIK procedures can significantly cut down the cost of the entire surgery, because the rate of savings are characterized in most cases by being up to 50% off, so I would not underestimate them.

But as we see more and more of these Groupon discount for LASIK, there are some concerns in the refractive surgery community that need to be attended in order to move forward with these promotions, at the same time potential consumers seems to have another kind of concerns, particularly on the quality care delivered in the procedure for these prices, so let's review both perspectives:

Groupon discount reviews for LASIK procedures

I have collected some data from other sources in other to see what is the real perspective of these ongoing promotions, and it turns out; there are some sort of dissatisfactions from both perspectives (service providers and consumers), as we can see in the following comments:

Groupon Reviews for LASIK discount

LASIK Groupon

On the other side, we have the patients, which also look into these Groupon discounts for LASIK procedures because the saving is significant. However, some people have reported that some LASIK service providers have increased the rates of surgery before being promoted on Groupon, which ends up being the same price that was initially without discount.

So as we can see advertising LASIK on Groupon can produce benefits and disadvantages for both sides. Patients have more affordable access to this particular eye surgery, and ophthalmologists have another way to increase patient volume and perhaps revenue. Here is the perfect example of both sides benefiting using the latest LASIK Marketing trends.

Page updated Jan 31, 2013

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