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This exclusive LASIK directory was intended to help consumers! (Potential candidates) who are looking for LASIK service providers in different regions of the entire nation. The directory also support surgeons' marketing effort by providing SEO profiles with its corresponding reviews. All profiles are including rich structured data and other nice features to enrich the experience of consumers and participants.
Date published: 01/04/2010
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Introduction to Participants

We have something very unique here! Not because we say so, but because what we provide cannot be found in any other directory! In fact, this is the only directory that provide an effective bilateral benefit for consumers and practitioners.

Editorial Disclosure

Our LASIK directory, is sympathetic to Google's disclosures! Particularly in terms of SEO, because, as you know, some directories can have a bad influence to our Internet marketing campaign, especially when the directory guarantee inclusion with any substantial review. So please be aware of the following:

1 - We do not guarantee inclusion! If you website is rejected, your money will be refunded 100%.
2 - We do not let you to pick any kind of attributes in our content. Remember! A real human editor will make the review of your information, therefore, we don't need anybody to tell us how to do our job. Believe me! We know exactly what we are doing, in order to deliver you great outcomes.
3 - Be aware that our directory is not intended to promote Google PageRank or Content Distribution, in fact, all our content is particularly oriented to help consumers, therefore, if you are approved, your page profile will have a link to your website, but with nofollow attribute.

How it works!

We know that potential candidates have a very different perspective compared with those who provide the service! In fact, consumers employ different keywords in the search engine to find what they need, and many time those keywords are not even close to the standards of the industry. However, we are intimately familiar with this particular behavior, in fact, we have experienced great outcomes in the last few years with this practice, therefore, we know for sure how important and valuable this could be for any business. That is why we monitor in a regular basis the search engine trends, so we can apply relevant keywords to each one of our profiles. In addition, we enrich these profiles with features that grab consumers attention. In other words; we optimize resources by targeting exposure at the right time, in the right place! (with specific locations only).

This can be done thanks to some particular tools that we have available, to perform best practice of Search Engine Optimization in the page profile for each stakeholder. These pages will be expose with the best ranking possible via Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although, we know that every search engine work differently, our expectations are high, so that is why our commitment is always focusing on reach the top 10 organic search results and try to keep them there for as long as we can, in order to maintain a long-term business relationship with each one of the practitioners listed.

Because our directory has a strong foundation of research, we also sympathize with social media trends. In fact, the web page profile that we provide have all the necessary information to schedule an appointment, call directly or email the practitioner, but also, we make sure that visitor know about practitioner's social media channels, so they can gain more follower, likes or sharing via social media.


In this directory, potential candidates should expect a reliable and impartial review for each surgeon. Our reviews are based on the information that we collect on the website of the beneficiary, and the main idea is to share our opinion and conduct trust! Therefore, we pay close attention to important details that matter to us, such as; technology, testimonials, reviews and the access of the information. Eventually, we will publish a review in Google and create a full white SEO page profile to keep consumers informed with the latest accomplishments and achievements of each surgeon.

Attractive Profiles to "Consumers".

We want you to look attractive to your potential candidates! Therefore, we make sure that each one of our LASIK surgeon profiles has a rich structured data markup. In other words; we want you to look like this in the search engines results.

And not like this...

Now that you have a better idea of our service, it is important to mention that our directory is well known for sharing great profiles with excellent ranking in the search engines results. Although, we have to emphasize that we target long terms organic results only, we also focus our effort to the latest trends, which are not necessary high demand, but certainly with high conversion rates.


To become part of our listing, you need to be an active LASIK service provider and submit your enquire for consideration. A real human editor will make a substantial review of your submission and shortly after you will be contacted via email for more details of the beneficiary. You can start the proccess by simply clicking the button (Submit Now!), located in the top right of this page.

Is your State not Active?

Let us work for you! If your state is not active yet, you could be the first one listed. This is an exclusive opportunity that you should consider, because you name can significantly increase exposure, not only with a profile page, but also with a page that will be targeting your location (State). So what are you waiting for, take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Preliminary Appearance

We know that first impression is everything, therefore, we maintain each one of our profiles with a clean and friendly presence, (easy to navigate).
We ensure that all the information of the practitioner is located in the correct place, so potential candidates can distinguish quickly what they need and take action upon this information.
It is important to mention that we are open to any kind of suggestion, especially if it comes from the beneficiary. In fact, we take our job very serious because we want to deliver superior outcomes to embrace a long-term business relationship with each one of our LASIK surgeons.

Rates and Fee

The directory has a fix non refundable fee of $39,95 USD per year! This fee will cover: The human editor review, 1 year of listing. If you want to have a personal page in our website with, please contact us via email.

Payment must be made with Paypal or Credit Card! The information of the practitioner must be submitted when you make the payment, within the comments section. An automatic charge will be made each time the cycle is fulfilled (Every Year), unless you cancel the service before the next cycle begins.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive compilation of information that meets the highest standards of the industry but targeting 100% the needs of consumers, according to regions and demand interest.


We do not verify credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any physician contained therein. Inclusion in the listed should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement, therefore, if a doctor is not listed, it is not a reflection on the doctor's ability to perform surgery successfully.

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