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  • Rich structured data markup

    We have begun to integrate rich structured data markup in our surgeon profiles. Our beneficiaries will become more attractive to consumers via Search Engine Results, therefore, better conversion rates are expected to improve delivery. Visit our LASIK Directory for more information!

    Sep 05 2013

  • Buy Real Twitter Followers

    We start selling Real Twitter Followers, 100% safe, no Bots, no Password Required, Fast Deivery or your money back guarantee. Learn more here!

    May 01 2013

  • LASIK in Final Destination Movie

    In August 4, 2011 the movie Final Destination 5 shows an scary (fiction) scene that affect the LASIK industry in a way, and so we have created an article to prove that LASIK in Final Destination 5 movie is far away from reality.

    Feb 19 2013

  • Exclusive SEO Service for LASIK Surgeons

    This exclusive service is oriented to help LASIK service providers to increasing LASIK patient's flow by targeting potential consumers via Internet with a specific target location and demographics. Please visit the following link for additional information!

    Jan 29 2013

  • LASIKSucks4u.com

    This site used to be a anti-LASIK website that caused great controversy in the Internet community, especially because the owner of the site faced a lawsuit from the counterparty. Now this domain is our property so we can expose our content to the people who are against this elective procedure.

    Dec 03 2012

  • Supporting Spanish language

    We have started distributing our content in Spanish! This feature will allow us to target Spanish community in the United States and guide them to be well informed about refractive eye surgery with their native language. You can find the Spanish home version here!

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    Nov 18 2012

  • Doctor Michael Pop M.D

    We welcome Doctor Michael Pop M.D who performs LASIK surgery in Montreal, Canada. He is one of the pioneers in the area of Montreal performing refractive surgery. Doctor Pop has devoted much of his life to helping the community of Gatineau and Montreal with their eye care needs.

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    Nov 12 2012

  • Refine LASIK Marketing

    We have published new material that could be very helpful to refine LASIK Marketing Strategies and improve conversion rates for any LASIK service provider. We discuss about: Contrast, Action Calls and Visitor conduction. You can find the article in the following link: Refine LASIK Marketing.

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    Oct 24 2012

  • Google Algorithm

    Google announced that another change in Google's Search Engine algorithm will accur. This time it will affect only "low-quality" websites that are using "exact-match" keywords in its domain name, specially for commercial purposes.

    Examples of Potential Harmed:
    www.laser-eye-surgery.com | Jacqueline W. Miller, MD
    www.lasik-eye-surgery.info | New Vision LASIK
    www.lasiksurgery.com | Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center

    Oct 04 2012

  • LASIKProblems.org

    LASIKProblems.org is another website/domain that became part of our properties this year, and because Its content was very useful for its visitors, we have decided to preserve it in our site, however, we need to clarify that we only preserved the content that has been proven and confirm with clinical data (not other).

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    Oct 01 2012

  • LASIK Referral Program

    We have launched an exclusive (LASIK Referral Program). This program was designed exclusively for stakeholders that are interested to increase potential LASIK patients flow by targeting organic search engine results based on location.

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    Jun 11 2012

  • Google announce (Penguin)

    Major change has occur on Google Search Engine algorithm. This time the update is called Penguin, and according to Google will affect over 3% of english language search queries. LASIK industry is not an exception, therefore, be ready for this particular wave because according to author this change is more aggressive than Panda.

    Apr 30 2012

  • Google announce (Panda)

    Many business online presences have been affected by the latest update of Google's algorithm, called (Panda). This algorithm penalize website that are practicing (Black Hat) SEO techniques, to manipulate ranking in the search engine results. There are also speculations that this updade will penalize site with low quality content and copyright content. LASIK industry is not immune to this update. Considering that PPC is very high in this industry, it is critical to pay attention here, because your practice could have a great reward in search results, which could be reflected in your practice economy.

    Apr 10 2011