LASIK Reviews

Lets review LASIK surgery as clear as possible!

Many people agree that the human eyes may not be organs on which life depends but still not less important, actually for many of us it is the most important of the five senses, because after all, most of the data that we collect is captured by our eyes, which by the way, it is considered part of our brain. That is why LASIK became the most popular eye procedure of the century, because literally it can improve vision in the blink of an eye. But today is a reality that exist a controversy about this procedure for many people including doctors, due to the many complain reports that the FDA have in the last couple of years.

A few doctors refuse the fact that LASIK is a good option to improve vision, the simple reason is because part of the cornea tissue is exposed to be removed in this procedure and although we have the ability to heal, we don’t have the ability to regenerate cornea tissue, making this particular treatment irreversible.

But because LASIK is a long term study procedure, it keeps having a significant percentage of people in the dispute of whether or not it is a good option to improve vision and so let’s review the two points of view of refractive eye surgery correction that some people talk about...

Review from consumers

For those who have done the procedure and today enjoy 20/20 vision or even better without glasses, could be an incredible worth it experience, and so is most likely that theses patients will recommend the surgery to everybody. But always keep in mind that all of us are as unique as our fingers prints, and so side effect could be very variable from each other. Regardless of the side effect, there is something that many people tend to ignore and those who are against LASIK, attempts to highlight it in order to prevent you of the frustration that many others experience today after a not good surgery outcome.

The facts are; once the famous flap is created with either (microkeratome or femtosecond laser) the flap is folded back in order to expose the stroma to an Excimer laser treatment, changing permanently the shape of the cornea. The problem that many doctors see with this treatment is; that no matte how stable and predictable the laser is, the simple fact of exposing any cornea to a laser could certainly create aberrations in a different scales, some times not even perceptible for patients. But the story doesn’t end here, because eventually as the years go by, our eye will start developing cataract, so if after procedure we experience some kind of aberrations is most likely that even after cataract surgery we will continue with that condition.

Bottom line

We have to be in the shoes of others, to understand at what point we are willing to risk, for a better quality of life, but appropriate interest and education will leads us to be better always.

Page updated July 31, 2010