SEO for LASIK Service Providers

SEO Service, from $98.50/Month

This exclusive service was intended to complement the Marketing efforts of any Ophthalmologist who perform LASIK Surgery or Cataract Surgery around the world. The service identify potential candidates with current Search Trends, and capture attention with content distribution. It is a very affordable service that delivers great outcomes.

Date published: 12/04/2012
5 / 5 stars


  • Website Analysis and Report
  • Market Research According to Business Location
  • Website Submission / Over 100 Search Engines

Essential Setting-up

  • Social Media Channels
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google + Account

Ongoing Service

  • Link Building with up to 2 Keywords / month

Google Business Places

  • Submission
  • Tracking
  • PIN Confirmation

Elemental Package is Included

Ongoing Service

  • Market trends according to location
  • Link Building with up to 5 keywords / month
  • Content Development and Submission
  • Landing Page Development and Hosting
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Social Media Promotion: Twitter / Facebook / YouTube

Optimum Package is Included

Website Management

  • Directory Submissions
  • Access to Custom Coding if need it
  • Photoshop Implementations if need it
  • Blog Management

Social Media Management

  • Channels and Tools

Google Setting-up / Management

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Authorship
  • Webmaster Tools

Ongoing Service

  • OFF-Line Search Engine Optimization
  • Unlimited Link Building


If you are looking for Internet Marketing solutions that is 100% specialized in the field of ophthalmology, you are in the right place! We help Ophthalmologist from all over the World to bring more LASIK or Cataract patients to their facilities with Internet Marketing Campaigns.

We have more than 6 years of experience working in this particular field, in fact, we are intimately familiar with the terminology and technology that is behind the industry, but more importantly we have a very good understanding of how potential candidates behave on the WEB to find the service that you provide, therefore, we target our marketing effort to those individuals only.

Although, Internet Marketing has become an essential channel these days to gain more business, its complexity never stop changing. It is true that, some industries can be more challenging than others, especially if there is a high demand of the service, therefore, the campaigns can turn into something very expensive and frustrating at the same time. However, we have created this very affordable SEO service that fits all the needs of any LASIK Service Provider! Our idea is very simple! We want to refer potential candidates (Patients) to our clients via Internet with low cost. With that being said; you can hire our SEO service for LASIK Service providers for as low as $98USD per Month.

What you should expect

You will have always a personalized attention with a great customer service, but technically speaking and more importantly you will have an increase of exposure online, therefore, more phone calls and emails should be expected.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy begins with an extensive Research (base on your location). Your weekly reports will show: search engine trends, social media trends, links awarded, content distribution (if applies) among other. In addition, you will see your overall potential grow and the grow that you gain every week. As soon as you select the option that suits your budget, you will receive a phone call from us to confirm your participation.

The benefits

The main goal of this service is to increase your online visibility and brand awarness via search engines, then identify the potential candidates with content distribution, and finally conduct only those who are really interested to your facility.


December 04 2012