Conventional Treatment

Convensional treatment is a technique were the doctor use a mechanical device called microkeratome in order to create a flap with a hinge.

At this point we all know that LASIK surgery is a procedure that can correct refractive errors such as: Myopia (Nearsighted), Presbyopia (Farsightedness) and Astigmatism. Hence you should know that all kind of astigmatism can not be corrected with this procedure, in fact considering that astigmatism can be manifested on the cornea but also on the natural lens (inside of your eye) and so, remember that this procedure can treat only the shape of the cornea.

The traditional procedure is a very common and successful technique performed by many surgeons. Time frame outcomes and recovery are literally immediately.

In this refractive eye surgery video we can see the doctor using a device called microkeratome. This particular device is used, in order to create a flap with a hinge on the cornea, and as soon as the flap is done, the doctor can lift it in order to proceed with Excimer laser pulses on the stroma. The Excimer treats the cornea, based on an interpretation taken from the topographer (Medical device).

As soon as the laser is done, the doctor carefully reposition the flap back in place and then certain medical drops are applied in order to prevent infection and reducing chances of corneal edema.

The microkeratome work in a manner that a ring located on top of the cornea will create suction on the eye ball, exposing the cornea to be cut by a mechanic blade. This process take only a few seconds, but on these seconds the patient experience some discomfort (no pain), in addition the patient lose the vision for this period of time while the suction is active.

Page updated January 07, 2010