LASIK Financing

Reviewing the most popular LASIK financing (CareCredit vs Chase Health)

CareCredit and Chase Health are one of the most popular LASIK financing options in the market today for Refractive procedures!

As the procedure's popularity has risen, more surgeons are interested in perform this surgery due to its demand. This initiative favors the population with more surgeons as well as better prices. The costs often run a couple of thousand dollars these days. However, although correcting vision problems is more affordable than ever, many people who would benefit from LASIK surgery may still balk at the costs of this particular procedure.

If you are one of them, keep in mind that you have several options. Many companies will work with you to fund your LASIK procedure. Depending on your income, surgery costs and credit history, you may be able to get a LASIK loan to cover the costs of surgery and recovery. You could also work with a LASIK management company that offers set-price packages for vision coverage can cut the costs of LASIK eye surgery.

Many companies specialize in LASIK and other health-care loans. One of these companies is CareCredit, a leader in healthcare finance. Founded in 1987, the company offers many options to help consumers afford vision, dental, and other types of medical procedures, including a healthcare credit-card that helps cover expenses insurance companies often overlook. Another option for LASIK financing is Chase Health Advance, which offers programs to help patients cover the costs of many vision procedures, not just LASIK. Chase offers low- or no-interest payment plans from 3 months to 4 years, and can often approve you for your LASIK loan in minutes, with no application fee and no deposit required. You may also be able to get a LASIK loan through your surgeon's office. However, not all the surgeons are willing to work with these LASIK financing entitites. One way to make sure that your LASIK procedure is free of billing hassles is to work with a LASIK management company, such as QualSight LASIK. QualSight works with doctors to establish prices for surgery, examinations, and follow-up care. There are no surprises when you schedule LASIK through QualCare. Everything you need is included in the price, and you can save up to 50 percent (or approximately $1,000 per eye) with their services. Similar companies include LASIK Benefits USA, which negotiates LASIK packages with doctors nationwide that offer significant discounts, often as high as 40 percent.

You may also be able to finance your LASIK procedure through purchasing a vision benefit plan through insurance companies that specialize in vision care. Many companies offer vision plans, but one of the more established vision insurers is Davis Vision. Davis combines decades of experience in optometry with a long tradition of excellent customer service. A plan from Davis covers total eye care in addition to LASIK, and will give you access to the many Davis Vision centers that perform LASIK surgeries, examination, and other forms of vision care.

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