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LASIK Secrets is a free resource connects LASIK surgery candidates to the latest research on the subject. Our goal is to provide the latest scientific advances on the procedure and all the facts in simple, everyday language.

We provide consumers an innovative confidential, and comprehensive location to gain knowledge a place to gain knowledge in a comprehensive, innovative and confidential manner. We are an impartial informational source, dedicated to help patients and physicians make the best decision for care. We are not advocates for doctors who perform this elective eye surgery, and therefore have the freedom to explore the benefits and risks of the procedure without bias.

We are not introducing new theories here! We want to raise awareness of and make understandable research to benefit the potential patient.

Featured video

In the following video; we can see how the Excimer Laser work in a LASIK medical treatment, but from a different point of view (patient perspective). However, it is important to mention that this is only a surgical simulation which is intended to show what patients experience when the excimer laser pulses occur during the procedure, something that cannot be seen by the patient at the time because the flap is lifted in this stage.

Lab Videos

This video was intended to show how reliable and accurate are the Excimer Lasers today, by pointing the pulses of the Laser to a small skin fissure of my finger. Although I could feel the slight pressure caused by the laser pulses during this test, I must admit that; I never felt pain or burning during or after this process. It is important to mention that this video was intended to show accuracy and reliability of the medical device, nothing else.


In this video I explain how important the Excimer Laser calibration is (prior to a procedure). The fact of the matter is that not matter how good are the skills of the surgeon or how many years of experience he/she has, without proper calibration of the excimer laser, optimal surgical outcomes can never be achieved. Watch the video to see why.


This is a complete simulation of a traditional surgery. In this video, the camera was placed in this position in order to simulate the patient's point of view during the procedure (when the surgeon is performing on one eye). Even though this video shows virtually every step taken in the entire process, the main purpose of this footage was intended to show in reality how long it takes to complete one eye at the time in a real treatment.


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As we find information of benefit to people considering Laser eye surgery we will share the news via News Release. These releases will be disseminated to popular news aggregators like Google News, MSN News among many others.

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This project is intended to provide comprehensive information about the refractive surgery industry, although, we might have some controversial content, we try to maintain balance and a neutral point of view in the information that we provide. In other words; we don't try to promote or scare people away from it, we just want to ensure that the experience of each of our visitors will be productive and enriching with exclusive data. Ultimately this site is about complementing patients' knowledge with responsibly.