LASEK Surgery

Is one of the latest refractive eye techniques performed by surgeons. LASEK stand for (Laser epithelial keratomileusis)

LASEK surgery is a combination of PRK and LASIK techniques. In this procedure, instead of cutting a flap on the cornea or removing the first slice of the cornea with a mechanical device, the epithelium is removed with the help of alcohol (18%). This procedure is oriented to help patients with thin cornea that need to be corrected.

How LASEK surgery works

First of all, doctor apply local anesthesia into the eye, then introduce a medical device called eye lids speculum in order to hold the eye lids of the patient while he/she is performing, after that, the doctor apply the Janach trephine instrument "ring" to control for 30 to 40 seconds an small solution of (18% alcohol) over the surface of the cornea, then He/She pushed the loosened epithelial flap toward the hinge, then he/she continues by irrigated the cornea in order to remove all the alcohol solution that applied previously for 30 to 40 sec, then he/she carried out the corneal tissue and start drying the cornea in order to proceed with the Excimer Laser treatment. Finally the surgeon introduce a bandage contact lens to the patient in order to prevent any touch of foreign body when the cornea is healing.

Page updated January 15, 2010