About Me (The Founder)

My name is Frans Rehl. I used to work in an ophthalmology practice located on the East Coast of the United States. My duties as Office Manager were focused pretty much on every aspect that concern the best interest of the business. We start performing LASIK procedures, two years after I stated in this position. Back then, we were the first ophthalmology practice in the United Sates with the first Excimer Laser (NIDEK EC-5000 CX III), approved by the FDA in the United States.

My training for LASIK procedures was pursuing in parallel with doctor's training at the time, but obviously in different areas. You see I was trained in different aspects of this industry to attend, support and complement surgical procedures if needed. Well it turns out that I was so good at it, that all of a sudden I was assisting medical procedure.

Since then, I have met and interact with many people who work in a regular basis in this industry; doctors, medical assistants, technicians, engineers, consultants among many others. Anyways, it has been an incredible experience for me, so I decided share my experiences through this website. I hope you like it...

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About Us

LASIK Secrets is an independent source committed to help individuals to understand the complexity and simplicity on one of the most important eye surgeries of the century (LASIK). We transform our own research, experiences, opinions and contributions into a valuable recommendation to our audience, by distributing in a responsible manner appropriate material, reliable details and facts, allowing them to gain knowledge and better understanding to their expectations. Our entity site provide trustworthy information for consumers, and we are constantly looking for new methods to improve and provide excellence to our audience.

Our team of professionals who have been working for the last 5 years on research and interacting on a daily basis with (Refractive eye surgery) knows that LASIK is a long term study procedure, that is why we are always open and willing to accept constructive criticism from other professionals in order to improve our educational resource. Our website is constantly supported on three critical areas that composed a LASIK surgery, including Medical, Technological & Information and research.

Our Mission

We want to stimulate both parties to be well informed by the needs of each other and emphasize their commitments, through one "very simple" concept. Allow the consumers to have access and learn about the latest scientific advances in simple "everyday language", and let the professionals and contributors be well recognized by their merits and contributions to the consumers, creating a strong liaison between them.

We invite all people who want to be part of our project, by sharing their LASIK stories in order to help those who will have in a near future this procedure. We also invite practitioners who want to share their experience with LASIK procedures in order to give the confident to those potential patients who are currently looking for references.

Why we started LASIK Secrets site?

If you are wondering why we are doing this? You would be surprised if we tell you that our research discovered many LASIK resource websites are trying to educate consumers, while others are focusing on frightening consumers, creating confusion and fear. This controversy is due to a significant increase in complaints to the FDA in the last few years. In addition there are so many individual bloggers who provide wrong information to the audience. What are we doing about it? We are committed to guide others and provide additional information on the web by implementing new methods to learn about LASIK & Laser eye surgery, dividing myth from reality in the information that is distributed on the internet.